Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring along to an X-ray?

The only thing you need to bring along is your referral letter and medicare card.

Do I need to prepare for my X-ray?

X-rays don’t require any preparation, depending on the area of examination you may asked to change into a patient gown.

How long will the X-ray scan take?

X-rays are very quick and most x-rays take less than five minutes.

When will I get my results?

Depending on the urgency of the case results can take over 2 hours.

Does X-ray use radiation?

X-ray does involve the use of radiation however, it is a low dose. If there is any chance of pregnancy please inform the technician as special precautions can be carried out.

Can I ask for other areas to be scanned at the same time?

X-ray does involve the use of radiation, so only the requested region can be examined.

Can the radiographer give me a result on the spot?

The results need to be viewed by a specialised radiologist. If there is anything urgent your referring physician will be notified by the radiologist.